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School Daze

20 Jul




DollFace Productions is going back to school babydolls! *snaps for the kid*  I am past excited, beyond pumped and totally stoaked! *fist pump*

As I posted yesterday, I have a few things in the works for DollFace Productions; plans for expansion, branding and TOTAL WORLD DOMINATION [EVL] LOL. Seriously though, I am building my empire from the ground up everyday so I’m taking it back to school. This time to get a Master Cosmetology license (along with a few other licensures ). Not only will I produce quality products for hair and skin, I will specialize in quality hair and skin care services primarily catering to naturals!

I know some may look at me and think “why in the world is she going to school for that?! She has a degree!” and to them I say: You can never have enough education. Yes, I have a degree from a four year school but that ONE degree doesn’t give me the keys to open every door in front of me, limiting myself  and making it that much harder to reach the top. Nothing will stand in my, especially not lack of education so YES I’m going to HAIR SCHOOL (insert urban dialect)!

Whatever you do babydolls, make sure you do it TOP NOTCH! Be the best at what you do and always ensure that your game is TIGHT and ON POINT. Learn as much as you can and take your skills seriously… to stay on top you have to stay ahead of the game. I encourage you all to follow your dreams and let no one talk you out of something because of their preconceived notions or qualms. This is YOUR life and you only get one shot… there are no do overs so don’t live with regrets and “coulda- shoulda-wouldas”. Do you and believe in yourself… the ‘na sayers will eat their words when you’re on top sitting OH SO PRETTY 😉

~Peace and Blessings


Pretty Girls Wear 20 Pearls… And Natural Hair

1 Jul

This post is dedicated to those Oh So Pretty Ladies of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. To my 21 D.E.G.R.E.E.S of AKAtude, I ♥ each and every one of you more than I could physically express. You all support me and believe in me when I don’t believe in myself. I get 20 P.O.Vs for free and so much luv… I’m just overcome with emotion right now, even as I type. Thank you all for believing in me, being there, and supporting this dream.

To my neos, pros, and other Sorors, I thank you all for supporting my dream and vision. This post was inspired by you all; the ones that decided to forget the stereotype of what we are “supposed” to be and allow our natural beauty to shine; those of you whom know that healthy, long hair and beautiful glowing skin can be achieved; for those of us that appreciate what God gave us and finally want to experience freedom. Skee-wee my oh so pretty Sorors- natural and relaxed alike.

The purpose of this post is to give some insight into what natural hair is, how it works and how YOU need to handle it.

I have talked to many Sorors about natural hair – many of whom are transitioning-  and it was brought to my attention that most of them have no clue what to do with their hair if they aren’t putting the “creamy crack” on it. So for all you “transitioners”,  this post will help you tons.

First things first, moisture Moisture MOISTURE!!!! Water is YOUR friend! Despite what has been previously beat into our heads about keeping our hair as far from water as possible, water is not the enemy. We need to drink at least 64oz. of water a day; our body is composed of mostly water so wouldn’t it make sense that our hair and skin crave water too? FACT: Hair and skin are all apart of the integumentary system. Skin becomes dehydrated without enough water… the same thing happens to your hair!!! I know you may hate water or think that 64oz. of water is a lot to take in during one day. Let me break it down this way: 1 regular water bottle has 2 servings of water in it. Drinking 4 regular water bottles throughout the day amounts to your entire days serving of water. Try that train of thought for a few days and notice the difference in your hair and skin.

Secondly, heat is not your best friend! Step away from the flat-iron honey. Trust me, you will thank me later. Constant flat- ironing of your natural hair/ nu growth will lead to permanent damage, burning and breakage of your hair. If you always straighten your natural hair, you will permanently lose your curl pattern. No matter how much you cut or condition, the curl pattern is very unlikely to return. If you are dealing with frizziness, fly aways or unruliness, then try a curling pomade (with no mineral oil or petroleum) or a hair gel (with no alcohols) and a scarf to lay down your edges and fly aways.  Women of color have a chronic obsession with straight edges; with that obsession comes thinning of the hair line and baldness due to over processing with chemicals, excessive heat exposure and too tight braids or ponytails. PLEASE  abandon these beliefs and ideals about your hair. Your curly/wavy/kinky/coily hair is PEARLFECT just the way it is NATURALLY! God made us all in His sight and He never made a mistake. I mean everyone can rock a “side part under” but your natural hair has a texture and a curl/wave pattern all its own. It’s completely unique, one of a kind, just like your fingerprints. Embrace that! Love that! Accept that!  (unless you want to have bald spots and breakage for the rest of your life)

Lastly, all products are not created equal. Some products are so nourishing and just awesome for your hair. Other products are filled with nothing but junk and will do you no good. There are so many products out and so many more that are in the works and tons that are popping up on the shelves everyday. How do you weed through all of these products to get down to the ones that work best for you? Simple… read the labels! Look for things like shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, mango oil, jojoba oil, essential oils like rosemary, sage, tea tree and WATER! If you have trouble reading the labels or understanding the ingredients in something, google it! Google is a great tool. If you still just don’t know (not everyone is a chemist, I know), then email me, tweet me, text me… what ever. I will be happy to help. Some things for all naturals to look out for and avoid are Mineral oil, petroleum, parabens, sulfates (SLS: sodium lauryl sulfate) and alcohols (isopropyl, benzyl alcohol, ethyl alcohol, methanol). If it sounds funky or suspect just ask or google it.

That’s all today. I’ll keep the tips coming babydolls. Again please contact me if you have any questions, comments or something you want to add. Follow the blog on twitter @DollFace_Prod

FREEEEEDOM!… and it looks good on YOU

22 Jun

AGH! why is it so hard to pick up wifi in certain places?! Like seriously I love the freedom of being able to pick up the notebook and venture somewhere to post nu blogs or whatever but if it’s this hard to pick up wifi I would rather have a cord attached to me at all times!!! [woooSAAAAA] okay that was my rant for the day. On to the next.

So anyone that knows me knows that I absolutely LOATHE paying for things that I clearly can do myself. Case in point my toes. I refuse to pay $20 to $30 for a pedicure when I have a boat load of polish at home along with polish remover and a steady hand. I can sit in my own tub that I can verify has been cleaned to within an inch of its life ( yes I am a certified germ-a-phobe) and I know I will not end up with a nasty fungus or some other creature going on my foot. Every once in a while the booski will treat me to a “spa day” where I get my toes done and to be honest the jets are AWESOME! But seriously a lil elbow grease and a pumice stone work just as well. But yea the point (there is a point I promise) here that I am making is that I don’t like being swindled out of my hard-earned cash just to realize I could have done it myself and spent that money on shoes or FOOD! This frustration is shared by many of my homegirls. We are sick of paying for things that savvy, 21st century women like ourselves are perfectly capable of doing on our own. I mean who says that we HAVE to spend 2 hours in the nail salon and even longer in the hair salon in order to be considered beautiful, well- kept and stylish? Who says that we have to spend ridiculous amounts of money being waxed, tweezed, plucked, poked and rubbed just to feel good about ourselves. Yes, massages and pedis and manis and a good scalp tingling hair washing are soooooooooooooooooo relaxing and well deserved for us hard-working women but Christ y does the ish cost so much????! I want more bang for my buck and an extra dollar in my pocket. Like I said before, I would rather spend that money on shoes and food (if you’re noticing a trend here, yes I like to eat!). So ummm yea where am I going with this? [SCROLL DOWN]

Be self-made ladies and gentlemen (I have a few male readers;); how many women wear a “side-part under”?  Be self-reliant; how many women HAVE to have a hair stylist, manicurist, nail tech… whatever because they can’t or don’t know how to do it themselves? Be you… naturally; how many women are conforming to societal Norms for various reasons?! Think about your beauty regime. Now think about how much of that regime requires someone else to keep it up, looking right and tight like you like. If you can count more than 2 ppl you see regularly to keep you “together” then maybe you ought to rethink this regime. I feel that the whole point of all these treatments we give ourselves are so we can enjoy life to its fullest and have some degree of freedom about ourselves. If you are spending at least 2 hours in one establishment 3 and 4 times a week or more just to feel good, are you really accomplishing what you intended to? Are you that much more relaxed or happy or free? That was my realization a few years ago while sitting in a hair salon getting my do did. I had been there since 10a and it was well after 3p when I finally walked out with &60 fewer in my pockets! Needless to say I never went back to that hair stylist… I found someone else though and continued this trend of giving up half my morning to the salon trap, all be it my time spent dec. from 5.5 hours to about 2.5. Still I wasn’t all that ecstatic about it. That feeling of dissatisfaction only intensified when I returned to school that fall for my last year of undrgrad. i hadn’t had the opportunity to get to my hair stylist before the start of the semester. I mean of course I had to be fly and fresh to death for the first day! C’mon son I had an image and reputation to uphold (I’m not joking) so I had to come up with something. I wasn’t going to allow any other stylist to do my hair so I turned to a trusted friend who is a hella of  a braider for some sleek and skinny cornrows. That did the trick… til I had to take them jokers out and deal with the hair underneath. Shortly thereafter I made the decision to go natural. I said to hell with all the salon time and the waiting and the scheduling. Honestly, it was the best decision I have made besides falling in love with Jesus. I had so much freedom! It was wonderful! As the relaxer continued to grow out and I begin to see the beautiful texture that was lying underneath patiently waiting for a chance to show off its glory, I was falling in love all over again. No a year and some change later I am 100% au natural and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

I say all this just to say that I want you to enjoy you Dollface! If you chose to relax… Fine! If you chose to be natural… Great! That’s a personal decision that one makes after much thought and reflection. Do what fits you and your lifestyle. Just know that natural can be achieved by all of us not just the certain few with a certain hair type. It is one step on the road to total self acceptance and a freeing journey that will be completely and uniquely yours… unlike any other persons.

Xisses and Hugz Dollface!