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…And They Continue to Flow

5 Aug

It rained today in my city and like most I fell asleep during the slight storm. Waking up, the first thing on my mind was food 😀 lol (I’m such a foodie). The next thing I did was check my BBerry for what I missed during my slumber. Before I fell asleep, Twitter was down 😦 , Facebook was slow 8o and Viigo was acting all stank 😡 … I was sure that I had missed plenty lol! Boy was I right about missing things! I checked my email and sitting there waiting on me was the very thing I had been waiting for all month! From the Secretarty of State, my Certificate of Organization was attached, signed, sealed and delivered! I’m so ecstatic, excited, over joyed and totally stoaked to announce that DollFace Productions is a Domestic Limited Liability Company!!!! We are an entity meaning no one can operate under my name or attempt to take my ideas (how awesome is that?).

Words can’t express how proud I am of myself for getting to this point. I know that there are many more accomplishments to achieve but for just a little while, I’m going to sit here in this moment and really enjoy it. This definitely calls for a bottle of bubbly with my favorite few and a BIG toast to DollFace Productions LLC!!!! None of this would be possible, of course, without He who is Most High. I give Him all the praise, honor, glory and respect for this dream. He is my head and I will forever keep Him at the for front of DollFace Productions. The blessings just keep on flowing.

Cheers to you DollFace *raises glass*


Hello Gorgeous

18 Jun
I’ve always wanted to write a blog. Ever since I logged onto http://www.theybf.com for the very first time over three years ago.  It was an amazing “first time” I must say… S/outs to Natasha who writes that blog. So anyways I never really had the time to blog nor did I have much to say back then. So here I am now… with loads to write about and the perfect venue to say it.
How did I get here though? It started along time ago… I mean alllloooonnnng time ago. I was little and I had mapped out my life plan! I was going to be a hair dresser and a nurse and a teacher… all at the same time! WHOA I was an ambitious kid way back then. As I grew though ppl begin to throw doubt my way about my ability to actually do it. I won’t lie it got to me too. I abandoned my ambitions of being a cosmetologist and owning my own business. I decided to take the road most traveled and become a doctor [snaps for the kid]. It was a good idea… in theory but after 5 years of college (yes 5- don’t ask), one degree and two jobs later, I have come full circle. I am back to where I started. So this is my journal babydoll! Welcome to it… I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. As I continue to blog, more of my story will unfold. For now thou this will have to do.
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