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Smocks && Scissors

23 Aug

Well babydolls, the verdict is in… I love school! My first week was awesome! I jumped right into the curriculum and have been soaking it up like  a sponge. My first test was this past Wednesday and I scored 107%!!! *takes a bow* Thank you, thank you (lol)

I have started my haircutting lesson and already I’m snipping away! I tried my hand a graduated hair cut this past weekend and I must admit it turned out very well. My instructor evaluated it and agreed that it was very well shaped. I’ve posted pics below.

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For more pics of my makeup looks and ‘dos, visit DollFace Productions’ Facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/dollfaceproductionsllc

As always Peace and Bleesings babydolls and remember to preserve the pretty 😉


So…. I cut my hair… MYSELF!

19 Jun

Yes yes I cut my hair myself. I know right… GENIUS! I was in dire need of a haircut after I took my braids out and I couldn’t get in to see a hair stylist nor did I really trust one in town to do it. So me being the problem solver that I am, I went against everyones advice and cut it myself. I figured a trim would be easy enough to do- I mean I have done it before- but I wanted layers and the ability to feather my hair when I want.  Yea I know right, my extra self had to have something more than just a trim?! I’m always the one that wants the above and beyond… damn over achiever! Sometimes I get on my own nerver… but I digress.

Here we go step by step. [CAUTION TRY THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK]

  1. I gave myself guidelines. I marked my face where I would want my layers to fall using black eyeliner.
  2. I sectioned off my hair and secured each section with clips.
  3. I started with the top middle section and begin cutting 1 inch away at a time ’til I was satisfied.

It turned out really good! *fist pump* The best part is I can wear this cut natural or straight. [VERSATILITY!] I didn’t get the top layers as short as I intially wanted but I can always go back and cut more. You can always take it off but you definitely can’t put it back! LOL.