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La-la-laAAahh Lavender Face Cleanser FEEDBACK

6 Jul

Last week I posted about the face cleanser that I whipped up. I’m coming back today with some feedback from a loyal product tester. She used it for a week in place of her Mary Kay facial cleanse for Combo skin. Below are her thoughts.

The face cleanser has an easy application and a clean rinse! I didn’t have that tight feeling like my skin had been stretched after using the cleanser as well. The lavender fragrance was a smidge over powering for my taste so maybe [she will] cut back on the amount of lavender oil used next time. My skin felt great, clean and refreshed. I had moisture without greasiness and the smell of the lavender is very relaxing.

I posted my thoughts on the original post so I won’t repeat them. I’ve ordered more supplies and once they arrive I can whip up another batch; this time my goal is to improve texture and viscosity. I would like a smoother textured cream with a thicker consistency. I also plan to cut back on the amount EO I used… I agree the smell was a little over powering. Lastly, I changed the name of the cleanser (subject to change again lol)… what do you think of this name? I think its short enough to fit on a label and catchy enough to attract my target market without being a gimmick. Feedback is needed PUHLEASE!

Until next time baby dolls!

Peace and Blessings


When life gives you lemons…

1 Jul

I ran out of face wash and I couldn’t reorder so again I took matters into my own hands>>> So about a year ago a good friend of mine approached me about getting into the Mary Kay business and from there I begin using a lot of the products that I sold. One in particular was the Classic Basic face cleanser for dry skin. It was creamy and smooth and never left my skin feeling dry and stretched after using. I thought I had hit jackpot gold! The only downside to this is that when I run out of it I have to reorder if I don’t have any in stock. I’m not the best at remembering to re-up when I get low so this is how I ended up in this predicament. Being the problem solver that I naturally am, I decided to make my own facial cleanser. I mean what’s the worst that could happen right? [SCROLL DOWN] to see the results!

Ingredients include honey, coconut milk and lavender EO. The smell is very very relaxing and when you use it in the shower its like getting an aromatherapy treatment [AAAAAHHHHH]. The cleanser doesn’t lather (no surfactants here!) like many people expect a facial wash to; the Mary Kay brand didn’t lather either. My lavender cleanser is rich and creamy. It isn’t thick and solid like Mary Kay’s version; its more like very heavy whipping cream consistency. The great thing about my cleanser is that the ingredients not only cleanse and moisturize but also heals!!! I had begun to break out due to the heat (GA is hella hot), my makeup and my allergies. The Mary Kay wasn’t doing anything to improve the breakout but my cleanser did!!! I have been using it for over a week now and I see such a difference; the bumps are gone and no more red blotches! Check out the pics below.

This side of my face was red and blotchy

I broke out on my chin with a blackhead right before using the cleanser

This side of my face had bumps.

So all in all, I think that I’m sticking with my cleanser and I’ve named it “La-la-la-lavender Moisturizing Cleanse”.