Brown Suga’ Hair Gel

25 Jun

I had a business meeting about a week ago so I brought a sample of a product that is currently in R&D to the meeting. The product is a natural hair gel. It contains no alcohol, no parabens, no sulfates… non of that junk.

The great stuff that’s in it include, veggie oils like olive oil and carrot oil, honey, and of course brown sugar. The brown sugar gives it a really awesome smell… almost like cake candy or cake batter. Kinda makes you wanna lick it (fight the urge!).

I tested the gel in a few strands of my own hair and I asked a friend to try it and offer her thoughts. She prepared a video for me, giving her feedback; however, the video won’t embed in the blog so I paraphrased her thoughts below.

I tried the styling gel on a style I normally where to work [slicked back low pinned bun]. The styling gel went really well; at the end of the night it still has a nice firm hold. My hair is shiny and the gel smells really good! I can’t smell it once I put it on and wear it throughout the day but I like it. It didn’t really bring out my wave pattern like I would prefer. Normally I use a styling gel by Just For Me which provides a soft hold and brings out my wave pattern. The brown suga’ styling gel has a firmer hold and it doesn’t clump; I prefer a gel with a softer hold so this firmness I’m not used to. However it did slick down my edges and provide a shine to my hair which I love.

My thoughts on the gel? I like the moisture I feel once applied to my hair. I even sleep with the gel on those few strands just to see how well the gel withstands the tossing and turning of sleep. It held up pretty well… it could be better but I’m biased towards that because personally I LOVE hold and I just think that nothing is better than a freshly washed head of hair when applying product. Anyways, I do agree that the formula needs some improvements. May have to develop two versions of this product; one with a softer hold and one with a firm hold. Lastly, I over shot on the viscosity of the gel. I had a consistency in mind something like Komaza Care’s Coconut hair pudding (love Love LOVE that stuff). I ended up with something a little thicker than Komaza Care’s; I think that is attributed to the tablespoon of corn starch I added for thickness. I’m going to give it another go and cook up another batch minus the¬†cornstarch and see how it does. I posted some pics below of the strand test on my hair… one thing I must say is that the gel provided great curl and wave definition and you gotta LOVE that!


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