Wave Pomade… needs a name thou

18 Jun

Hello… good morning! So last night I got in a nu shipment of supplies from this bomb site Bramble Berry! It was a great day at my house to say the least lol. Anyways, later that night – yea I wait til late at night to go in the “lab” cuz this heat down here don’t play- I went in the lab to get to work. I have a few recipes that I’ve been waiting to cook up for awhile but I decided to start work on the wave pomade… at my booski’s request of course.

Some of the ingredients

I started around 7 and different emerge til 10. It was well worth it thou cuz I think that I made something pretty damn awesome. This wave pomade was designed with a man in mind but it can totally be used by both sexes. It has a nice lemony smell… very fresh and clean and not too overpowering. It was designed to give moisture and staying power all in one [POW].  A few of the ingredients include sunflower oil, shea butter and glycerin. Those three ing. right there scream MOISTURIZE ME! The product is currently in testing by a few loyal “fans”. I will post excerpts of the feedback once I get it.

So proud of myself for making this though. My chem classes really did pay off… BTW did I mention I have a BSc in Biochemistry? Yea I’m a nerd… a fly one at that. Anywho, I’m overall pleased with the way the pomade turned out. I came pretty close to the consistency of  what I want the final product to be. The pomade is a tad “loose” like jello that has begun to melt (? yall know what I mean?) Anyone know how to get a thicker consistency without using petroleum or mineral oils? Those two are the DEVIL reincarnated (no seriously).

Feedback and ideas are always welcomed. Thanks 4 reading.

The final product as it cools


2 Responses to “Wave Pomade… needs a name thou”

  1. mommy June 24, 2010 at 9:54 AM #

    i’ve been using the wave pomade for about 4-5 days and i do like the way it makes my hair feel. i don’t see any waves, but then i didn’t really set out to get waves, just a product that gave my hair and scalp some good oil to combat dryness and one that did not leave my hands, scalp and hair feeling sticky. so far, i’m liking it. how about “b-roses’ natural hair pomade” for a name?


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