Hello Gorgeous

18 Jun
I’ve always wanted to write a blog. Ever since I logged onto http://www.theybf.com for the very first time over three years ago.  It was an amazing “first time” I must say… S/outs to Natasha who writes that blog. So anyways I never really had the time to blog nor did I have much to say back then. So here I am now… with loads to write about and the perfect venue to say it.
How did I get here though? It started along time ago… I mean alllloooonnnng time ago. I was little and I had mapped out my life plan! I was going to be a hair dresser and a nurse and a teacher… all at the same time! WHOA I was an ambitious kid way back then. As I grew though ppl begin to throw doubt my way about my ability to actually do it. I won’t lie it got to me too. I abandoned my ambitions of being a cosmetologist and owning my own business. I decided to take the road most traveled and become a doctor [snaps for the kid]. It was a good idea… in theory but after 5 years of college (yes 5- don’t ask), one degree and two jobs later, I have come full circle. I am back to where I started. So this is my journal babydoll! Welcome to it… I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. As I continue to blog, more of my story will unfold. For now thou this will have to do.
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